This is a project based on the development of the World Cup. Our team will be committed to providing fun and profitable projects for everyone, as well as providing real-time football information for players. In the future, we will continue to develop football related projects.


SuperFootball coin is a token about football. Later on, it will airdrop NFT for coin holders, which will allow all players to improve their accounts and collections while obtaining an interesting football experience. SuperFootball aims to become the best NFT moneymaking position on the BNB chain. Tokens will be issued on the BNB chain and are compatible with web3 wallets such as Metamask to pay for game related transactions and fees. Metamask can be installed as a browser extension or as an application on a mobile device. These assets are NFTs owned by players. They are Created according to ERC-721 standard and can be exchanged with other players in our proprietary market.


We aim to provide sports and e-sports fans with the information ability to manage their favorite teams, matches, leagues and events。Then, we expect that sports will not only be influenced by the games, teams and leagues that attract the largest audience, but also be supported by those fans who can use them。Further, we will develop the community. People in the community will have the right to vote, and everyone can vote for the proposal they like, so as to decide the direction of the community. Finally, we will work together to build the community into a holy place for sports enthusiasts.


First of all, SUPERFOOTBALL has been specially designed at every stage to be the safest and most loved project. SUPERFOOTBALL was created not as a meme token, but to tokenize the football world on the BSC network. In this direction, NFTs were prepared and the foundations of our metaverse world were laid.
As a result of in-team meetings and social research, it was decided that the tax fee would be 6%. 6% TaxFee is reserved for marketing activities.
With the decision of our finance team, FOOTBALL token will be sold with BNB parity and liquidity locked along 180 days.
SUPERFOOTBALL’s biggest goal is to be listed on a major exchange as soon as possible.
SUPERFOOTBALL project will be financed by NFT sales, stakes and sponsorships in the SUPERFOOTBALL universe.
Our finance team secured special sponsorship deals specifically for Superfootball Legend Teams Special NFT Collection in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. One of our biggest goals is to be the mascot of the tournament and to sign a partnership with a big world star.

Total Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 SUPERFOOTBALL
1. PancakeSwap Liquidity: 95% of Total Supply, Locked for 180 days
2. Reserved for major exchange listings: 5% of Total Supply
3. SUPERFOOTBALL Buy tax fee is designed to be 3%, Sell tax fee is designed to be 3%


SUPERFOOTBALL has been specially designed down to the last detail and prioritized transparency.
When RoadMap and our goals are examined, it can be seen that we have realistic goals and we reach them step by step.
If we do not support our goals with our work, please give us feedback. High-level interaction with the community is our primary goal.
Other than that, everyone is investing and has to have foresight about SUPERFOOTBALL’s future plans.
SUPERFOOTBALL will systematically focus on signing sponsorship deals with Premier League, La Liga, Seria A teams and world-renowned football stars.
In this direction, we have the world cup ahead of us and we will spend all our energy and financial strength to achieve these goals before the world cup starts:
1- Listing on a major exchange
2- Sponsorship agreement with a team that will participate in the World Cup
( Shirts, Shorts, Socks, Shoes do not matter. Our main goal is to have our logo and SUPERFOOTBALL brand active in the world cup)
3- Agreement with a world-famous football player to be the face of the brand
These 3 targets will be our main targets in the next month.
Apart from that, RoadMap is listed below as basic items. Regards to Everyone


  • Planning project details
  • Create Socials
  • Website Launch
  • Community Building
  • Launch on PCS
  • Whitepaper
  • Audit Financial Details
  • PHASE 2

  • Creating the SUPERFOOTBALL brand
  • Listing on a Major Exchange
  • 10000 Holders
  • PHASE 3

  • Sponsorshisps with Football Stars
  • Trending Avedex
  • Billboards
  • Trending Dextools
  • Press Release
  • Charity Activities
  • 20,000 Holders
  • PHASE 4

  • More CEX Listings
  • Game Release
  • PVE/PVP Game
  • SUPERFOOTBALL Betting Platform
  • Bridge to BSC
  • Partnerships
  • 50,000 Holders
  • NFT


  • SUPERFOOTBALL | Ronaldinho





    Finance Director


    Marketing Manager